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So if any of you have been rafting on the Snake in High Water, you probably remember Lunch Counter. At high flows, Lunch Counter Snake River┬ábecomes 8 huge waves of whitewatery goodness!! I have been getting a lot of questions lately about how Lunch Counter got it’s name, so I thought I would write something up and tell you all about it! Back in the 1960’s, rafting was just getting started here in Jackson Hole, and guys like Dave Hansen and Charlie Sands were using their military surplus rafts to enjoy the Snake River Canyon, although mostly at lower flows later in the season. From what I have heard, the first to run the canyon at high flows was Dave Hansen and a couple buddies. He took a boat down the river, and came around the corner at the Big Kahuna, thinking they would go through Kahuna, and pull over to eat lunch. But they were shocked to see some huge waves that he had never seen before. His friends asked him what it was, and he said “Hell if I know, I haven’t ever been down here before!” To that, his friend replied “well, if we are ever going to have our lunch, we are going to have it handed to us here!” From then on, those huge waves became known as The Lunch Counter and the rest is history.

While we may not use military surplus rafts anymore, Teton Whitewater thoroughly enjoys showing people Lunch Counter Rapid trip after trip, year after year! Lunch Counter is something that should be enjoyed by all, so here is a picture of Marc and a couple of our other Guides taking a group through Lunch Counter yesterday. The photo is courtesy of Floatographs, check out your rafting pictures there.

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