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River Trips for Swimmers of All Ability Levels


Whitewater rafting is challenging and does come with inherent risks, but that doesn’t mean that river trips are only for expert swimmers. If you’ve always had an appetite for outdoor adventure but have avoided rafting because you don’t swim well, we’re here to tell you that there is a river trip for you.


While we do recommend that our guests find a river adventure that matches their swimming ability, we have a variety of options that allow different ability levels to find the right fit:


  • Jackson Hole Rafting Trips are great for all adults and kids (age 4 and up), even those who don’t swim well. On a safe but thrilling scenic trip down the braided channels of the Snake River, our guests get to soak in great Teton views while staying mostly dry
  • If you are a strong swimmer and are looking for a real challenge, we’ve got you covered with the small boat slam trip.
  • For something in between, we have a classic whitewater rafting trip and a whitewater and scenic combo.


Safety Precautions


We do everything we can to ensure the safety of our guests. First, we provide each person with the most important safety gear — helmet, wet suit, etc. Before heading out to the river, we also will give you thorough instructions on how you can protect yourself and get out of danger in specific situations that could occur out on the water. The moments before the start of the trip can be a nervy time for some, but this pre-trip talk helps provide some extra confidence to anyone that may be worried about falling out of the raft or not being a good swimmer.


If you are embarking on your first river trip, you’ll find some helpful information in this river rafting introduction from a Grand Canyon rafting company.


We also recommend you check out this adventure trips FAQs page from a top international rafting outfitter.


Pick Your Adventure


At Teton Whitewater, we have river trips to suit great swimmers, poor swimmers, and everyone in between. To book the perfect Jackson Hole trips for you and your family you, call us at 866-716-RAFT or book now!

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