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Packing Tips from the Jackson Hole Rafting Experts!Packing a backpack the day of a Jackson Hole whitewater rafting trip can be a difficult task. Depending on what time of year it is, the forecast for that particular day, and how long you’ll be out on the water, the ideal gear can vary quite a bit.

Other than a few items that are absolute necessities all year round (hat, sunscreen, swimsuit), some of the other backpack gear might be harder to guess. The Teton Whitewater team put together a short guide to help you pack your bag like an expert.

A Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt

You might not think long sleeves are the way to go, especially for a summer rafting trip, but it’s actually the ideal shirt choice for most people. A lightweight, breathable, long sleeved cotton shirt will do a good job of keeping the sun off your arms and back without overheating you. By soaking in the cool water, it can actually help keep your body temp in a comfortable range.

Rain Gear

The weather out on the water can be very unpredictable. You want to be prepared for a rain storm. A dollar store poncho probably won’t get the job done and might just end up getting your way, so choose some quality rain gear that will still fit comfortably in your pack.

Handy Wipes

After a few hours of beating against the rapids, some people feel like they could use a quick scrub-down. Bathing wipes will help you refresh quickly without taking up too much room in your pack.

Lotion or Hand Salve

Applying an extra strength hand salve or lotion after a long day of rafting will help you avoid dried out, cracked hands and feet.

A Notebook

Bring your camera, of course. You’ll definitely want pictures of the gorgeous scenery you pass through on your rafting trip. However, nothing cements a memory in your mind like writing a journal entry of the experience. You can use your notes to leave a review for Teton Whitewater!

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