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snake river guidesIf you’re looking for Snake River guides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, look no further.

Teton Whitewater has a long history of running rafting trips on the Snake River. With over 50 years of experience, our team knows the ins and outs of whitewater rafting. For the past 10 years, we’ve been owned and operated by the Great Sa

lt Lake Council, Boy Scouts of America. However, our history began many years before that. Since 1959, the Boy Scouts of America have floated the Snake River in good ol’ fashioned aluminum canoes. Jackson Hole whitewater rafting was a different sport then — when life jackets were optional, but baby oil used for the perfect summer tan was not.

Eventually, in the 1970’s, the boys wanted a taste of the good stuff (whitewater that is) and so the camp expanded to include other activities, such as whitewater rafting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For many years the camp was associated with Lone Eagle Whitewater Rafting, and in 2000 the Great Salt Lake Council BSA officially purchased Lone Eagle. Then Lone Eagle later became Teton Whitewater. Because of our history, we love spending time on the river — whether it’s on a beautiful scenic trip (reminiscent of our canoeing days) or on an adventurous whitewater excursion, the river is like home to us.

Since that first summer in 1959, our company has maintained the tradition of having a great respect for the river and the abundant wildlife that surrounds it. Our rafting trips on the Snake River and Hells Canyon are a once in a lifetime opportunity. We created these trips so that our guests and fellow rafters could see nature in a whole new way. Our scenic float trips and whitewater rafting trips offer a completely unique perspective of the most photographed Mountain Range in the entire world. We like to think of our tours as a learning experience that’s also filled with breathtaking views and stunning wildlife.

Teton Whitewater also has a hand picked selection of diverse tour guides, making each and every rafting trip a unique and exceptional experience. Our Teton tour guides are experienced in traveling down the river and making sure everyone is safe and comes well prepared. Plus our guides enjoy living an active lifestyle and have a love for traveling down the river.

As our company continues to grow, we enjoy meeting new people and sharing the beauty of the river. Whether it’s first time rafters or whitewater pros, Teton is here to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

View our whitewater rafting trips in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or contact us at 866-716-RAFT to learn more about why we are the top Snake River guides. Get ready to join the fun!

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