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Levi is Teton Whitewater’s resident Rockstar and Head Guide!  He may look young, but he is returning for his seventh year guiding the Snake River. Ask Levi about his rock climbing, kayaking adventures, protein shakes and their importance, and playing the guitar. Levi is getting ready to commit to his first 8 year contract with Teton Whitewater, as soon as he finishes his degree from Utah Valley University, where he is studying to become a Marketing Genius. Look for Levi on the river, and ask him why our newest rapid is named after him!



A many year veteran guide of the seething Snake, you may recognize the mascot of TWW by her flaming green eyes and sunburst red hair as she’s pictured on all the vehicles and signs for Teton Whitewater. She floats serenely down all stretches of the Snake River and with oars that act as an extension of her wicked strong arms can save your boat from an untimely capsize. This ginger will calm your nerves by singing as you float, she just graduated in Music Therapy from Utah State University. She will fight passionately about the Red Sox, and what makes Boston the best city in the U.S. Katrina is married to Teton Whitewater’s most outdoorsy dude, and photographer-extraordinaire/Office Manager, Luis. As the Mama Bear, she is protective of her TWW cubs and anyone in her raft, and knows some of the best stories on the river. You’ll never forget your time with this Red Mama!


Levi ”Dreamboat” Pendleton

Levi is from Roy, Utah. He graduated in Outdoor Recreation from Southern Utah University.  During the off season he works in Ogden, Utah as a ski patrolman at Snowbasin.  Levi is the quintessential “handsome shy” type, but when he gets on those oars, he opens up and gives you one of the best experiences on the Snake river. Levi loves mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, skiing, and traveling.


Jacy Murray

Jacy is the strongest of the Whitewater guides, able to bench press both of Levi Wiscombe’s arms.  With her small frame and superior strength, she is able to flip a raft over in the water with just one hand and her flip line.  Her fanny pack is full of first aide supplies, a beach ball and a parachute should the Champagne rapid decide to emerge.  Jacy was the first guide to not only run the river but also run the landslide in 2011, while it was happening.  She was later quoted saying that the mud and rocks were as smooth as Big Kahuna’s second wave.  Jacy has chosen Teton Whitewater for a third year and will be sure to surprise us with more heroics and river stunts like no other female guide can.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones is from RIVERton Utah! You could say that’s what brought him up here to the great old Snake River. Adam is one Teton WW’s best.  He has been running the river for years, along with being a Sherpa in the off-season. This crazy combination gives him the advantage when it comes to tying knots, being in the wilderness and running the river.  Some of Adam’s favorite things to do are climbing, laughing, river running, speaking Spanish and sun bathing.  The strength in his fingertips alone, due to rock climbing, allow him to stay in the raft at all times, even if it has flipped upside down on a rapid.  He is Teton Whitewater’s version of Spiderman with his nimble limbs and lanky figure.  Make sure to ask him about the fish at Million Dollar Eddie.




Adventure Matt Pratt

Adventure Matt Pratt was born on the banks of the Snake River, he is the literal son of the river God.  He is the reason that the Snake River is safe for families all over.  Let’s just say that before him, there literally were snakes in the river.  Recently he became the first person in all of the West to go whitewater rafting in a canoe while riding a horse.  He is so talented that the horse was not harmed during the run.  He is also the only person to jump out of a helicopter, land perfectly in the guide seat on the raft and still hit Big Kahuna perfectly thus getting launched right back into the helicopter.  Despite his young age, he has mentored many adventure enthusiasts around the world, to name a few from last year he mentored Crocodile Dundee, Jeff Corwin and the Aborigines.  Adventure Matt Pratt has graced us with another year at Teton Whitewater and while we are constantly learning from him regarding river safety, we also have the privilege to hunt local mountain lions and bears alongside this amazing American gem, who also speaks Spanish.

Sam “Sambo” Cottrell

Sam has been known to distract people’s view of the Tetons with his magnificently vivid eyes.  Sam has been with Teton Whitewater for more than 375 days and counting.  He is a thrill seeker and loves adventure, pushing himself to the limits, recording it all on his GoPro and is an avid business man.  He is often seen on the back of a raft showing the rest of us how it’s done.  His celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston.  Sam is really a one-of-a-kind guide, with many great qualities and values.  He will ensure you have a fun trip, and always know what to do with your hands and feet during the ride.  Sam’s goal this summer is to provide the ultimate nautical experience.

Brenton (B-Money) Welker

Brenton’s favorite color is blue, probably because he hardly saw that color in Arizona where he’s from, all the rivers have dried up there. He grew up on a farm and could talk your ear off about his favorite types of tractors and how they work. Brenton is going to school at Utah State University for Aerospace Engineering and will someday be creating the commercial rocket ships you’ll take on your vacation to Mars! Brenton is not new to Jackson Hole as his family has been coming here for years. If you want to be laughing from the beginning to the end of your rafting trip then pick Brenton, he invented the word FUN! Also if you are planning on doing some water fights on the river, go with Brenton… he is The King of water fights. You will be the one doing the splashing instead of getting splashed! Brenton does accept bribes in the form of sour gummy worms (but only the pink and blue ones). Brenton is the guide for you!

Arne Carter

Arne is Teton Whitewater’s loveable manager/head honcho. Born on the banks of the Snake River, Arne loves kayaking, rafting, laughing, and singing interpretively. Something interesting about Arne is that he’s a real
Norwegian Viking! His favorite color is shiny and he’s never lost a tickle fight, ever. Arne is fluent in English, Chinese, and sarcasm, and has way more experience than you on the river. Yeah you!


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