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Snake River Whitewater and Scenic River Trips
Jackson Hole, Wyoming for over 50 years!

Expert Jackson Hole Whitewater Guides


Levi is Teton Whitewater’s resident Rockstar!
Fresh off the Van’s Warped Tour, he is
ready for some rapids and adventure.
He may look young, but he has five years
of experience guiding the Snake, and is
our Head Boatman. Ask Levi about his rock climbing,
kayaking adventures, playing the guitar, and the
continual search for that special someone.
Levi is getting ready to commit to his first
8 year contract with Teton Whitewater, as soon
as he finishes his degree from Utah Valley University,
where he is studying to become a Marketing Genius.
Look for Levi on the river, and ask him why our
newest rapid is named after him!



Katrina has become the mascot of our
company, as you will see her picture
plastered on every vehicle and sign we
own. She hails from Massachusetts. She
studied Music Therapy at Utah State
University and is the songbird of TWW.
She has a weakness for Ben & Jerry’s
Heath Bar Crunch Coffee ice cream and
loves spiders. They are just so cute with
all their legs! She has worked for TWW
in the past and has come back for one
last summer on the river.



Levi ”Dreamboat” Pendleton

Levi is from Roy, Utah. He moved to
Cedar City to study Outdoor Recreation
at Southern Utah University. He
took a break from school to serve
an LDS mission in Argentina for 2
years and returned to SUU. Levi is the
quintessential “handsome shy” type, but
once he opens up there is no doubt that
he will charm you. Levi loves mountain
biking, climbing, and snowboarding.


Jacy Jones

Janorcy has moved about 47 times
in her life, but has finally decided to
settle down at Utah State University in
Logan, UT. She loves soccer, chatting,
and the word “chatting.” She also loves
the word “moist” so if you ride on her
boat, you should probably say it a lot.
She wishes she were a penguin with
antlers because then she would have
the best of all worlds. If you want to go
through a drive-thru for some fast food
and Janorcy is driving, too bad. She is
terrified of them so you will have to go
inside the smelly fast food restaurant.

Arne Carter

Arne is Teton Whitewater’s loveable manager/ head honcho.
Born on the banks of the Snake River, Arne loves kayaking,
rafting, laughing, and singing interpretively.
Something interesting about Arne is that he’s a real
Norwegian Viking! His favorite color is shiny and
he’s never lost a tickle fight, ever.
Arne is fluent in English, Chinese, and sarcasm,
and has way more experience than you on the river.
Yeah you!