Here is a little insight from one of the first year guides, Landon Bryce.

Training has been great here at Teton Whitewater. Our head guides have been guiding whitewater trips for a long time, and are good at helping us newer guides learn the ropes. We’ve spent a lot of time rafting the lower canyon, and learning how to safely navigate the rapids.

I love guiding our whitewater stretch. It’s such a blast that it hardly feels like work. This week we reviewed first aid and emergency situations. Our head guides put us through some real-life rescue scenarios while we were out on the river.

The training program here at Teton Whitewater is top of the line. The guides here have so much experience, and are good at instructing. I’m excited to be in this training program with such good mentors. I’ve learned a ton and I feel confident guiding this impressive stretch of whitewater. Life as a river guide can’t get much better than this!

Here are some pictures, of our training, that I took from my perspective.

A POV shot of a rafting guide crashing into a rapid while rafting in Jackson Hole

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