Meet The Guides!

Arne Carter
General Manager

Arne is Teton Whitewater’s loveable manager/head honcho. Born on the banks of a mystical river, Arne loves kayaking, rafting, laughing and singing interpretatively. Something interesting about Arne is that he’s a real Norwegian Viking, red beard & all!
He is fluent in English, Chinese, and sarcasm. Arne has YEARS of experience on the river and knows it like the back of his hand, believe it or not he has done over 2,000 runs on the Snake.

Landon Bryce
Asst Ops Manager

Landon is a man of adventure! He’s a world class free diver and has spent several months swimming and diving in the Cayman Islands. He also has a love for Kayaking, Rock climbing, and photography. Landon is a veteran guide and runs the river like a pro. He has also spent time living in Paraguay so say hello to him in Spanish when you see him!

McKenzie Zenger
Senior Guide

Kenzie is a super reliable guide who definitely knows her way around the river. Some fun facts about Kenzie are: She is a twin, a stunning violinist, a nursing major, and plays the guitar. Her Favorite band is The National Parks and she can usually be Found chillin’ by her trailer and enjoying the day.  A great day for Kenzie is a big day in the outdoors followed by ice cream and a movie. Kenzie speaks German, and nothing makes you want to scream “wunderbar” more than having Kenzie as your guide! 

Madeleine Zenger
Senior Guide

Maddie spent a couple years in Argentina, so you can add her to our Spanish speaking list. She loves the river and being outside, if you sneak up on her you might catch her doodling some mountains, the sky, some birds, cutting her hair underneath the light of a full moon, or maybe just eating an entire tub of ice cream by herself. Maddie is studying rec therapy at BYU-Idaho, so she’s guaranteed to give you an  unforgettable trip!

Spencer Elkins
Senior Guide

Some might say Spencer is more Dr. Pepper than water. After his trips along the Snake, he is always known to refresh from the drink of the gods. Spencer comes alive in the mountains. He is always ready for a good time and will bring the party on and off the raft.  A tall man of no tall tales he is sure to give you a trip to remember!

Kenton Davis

Kenton is the worlds most skilled pilot on the google earth flight simulator and also enjoys flying his paraglider in real life.  In the fall Kenton is a student at BYU, and in the winter a ski instructor at Brighton resort. He loves trying new things and has many hobbies including mountain biking, guitar, disco skating, and wake boarding on the canals that run through his home town of South Jordan Utah.  Kenton loves guiding so if you’re on his boat be ready for wild ride!

Blair is an avid outdoorsman, when he’s not working you’ll find him rippin up the trails on a bike. In the off season Blair attends Utah state, and hits the ski slopes. He spent a few years down in Argentina and is fluent in a Spanish dialect called castellano.

Hi, my name is Noah Ashworth, here’s some testimonials from people YOU may know...

“I don’t even know who Noah is... why would you ask me about some random nobody... do.. do you know how valuable my time is?!?” - Jeff Bezos

“I bet he wears deodorant” - Sarah Palin

“Definitely alright” - non lizard people 

“A true bi pedal” - Tupac 

I’ll prove it all to ya if come down the river with me, see ya soon

Anna, the river goddess, has grown up here on the Snake River. She will show you the mystic joys of the rapids and enchant you with historic river lore.  Brains, brawn, and beauty, Anna is studying nursing at Weber State University with dreams to work for a year with Doctors Without Borders and then continue her career as a life flight nurse. This fall Anna is moving to Costa Rica, so help her practice her Spanish if you get the chance!

Adventure Matt Pratt
Operations Manager

Adventure Matt Pratt is the literal son of the river Gods.  He is the reason that the Snake River is safe for families all over. Matt has graced us with another year at Teton Whitewater and has been guiding for over a decade! When Matt's not running things here at TWW he is finishing up his bachelors degree in accounting along with running any off-season operations. He loves running rivers along with almost any other outdoor activity. Having spent 2 years in Argentina he speaks fluent Spanish and loves to talk any chance he gets!

Marley Pankratz
Office Manager

Marley is Teton Whitewater's beloved office manager! She is studying Natural Resource Conservation at the University of Idaho. Marley lives in Idaho when she's not here, but has moved at least TWENTY FOUR times, so be sure to ask her about all the places she's lived! She's married to one of our guides, Skyler Martin.

Joe West
Senior Guide

Joe is our rock star kayaker. He has spent most of the last several years on rivers kayaking and raft guiding. Joe is our best safety boater and is incredibly reliable in all aspects of the river. He has a civil engineering degree from Utah State University. Ask Joe about the many rivers and rapids he has run over the years. He also lived in Mexico and is another Spanish speaker.

Jacob Gregory
Senior Guide

Jake adds a lot of skill and ability to TWW, he's been a guide for a few years now and you can tell he loves the river. If you get the pleasure of having him as a guide you'll notice his trips are always fun, informational, and of course, safe! Jake is from Utah and is currently studying at Utah State University. 

Skyler Martin
Senior Guide

When Skyler isn’t guiding on the river you might find him wandering through the bushes of the riverbank in search of the perfect angle for a photo. He runs our social media and has a great time capturing what our trips have to offer. Skyler is studying Journalism and mass media at the University of Idaho and hopes to be a documentary filmmaker one day. Skyler is also married to Marley our office manager.

Ben Steele

You’ll always be able to recognize Ben as your guide because he is the only guy at Teton Whitewater who can not grow facial hair. However, he makes up for it by possibly having the best head of hair on the team. When Ben isn’t on the river he enjoys climbing, cliff jumping, and mountain biking, and considers himself quite the comedian once you break him out of his shell a little. When he isn’t living in Jackson, Ben goes to Utah state and is studying Parks and Recreation. One of his favorite parts of guiding is the great sleep schedule he has while living here, so make sure to encourage him to keep that up when he goes back to school in the fall.

Zach Wright

Zach started guiding canoes on the river when he was 16 then moved to guiding whitewater as an 18 year old. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves Jackson. Zach enjoys sending it deep on his mountain bike, dirt bike and snowboard. He is a professional fun-haver and is always ready to get out on the river. Zach spent 2 years living in Mexico, is fluent in Spanish and has a soft spot for good Mexican food. He is currently working on a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at Utah Valley University.

Carson is the second-best google earth flight simulator pilot at Teton Whitewater. When he’s not picking up chicks on his moped, you can find him aggressively cultivating his sub-par mustache, and practicing his nunchuck and computer hacking skills. Although he’s an avid outdoorsman, he fancies his indoor time by tickling the ivories and watching the notebook. If you’re in his raft, you’re guaranteed to have the best trip of your entire life!

Kalie Elkins
Office Staff

Kalie lives for the stories. She is a world traveler and has been to four of the seven continents. She firmly believes experience is the best teacher and loves finding new hidden gems around the world. You can find her practicing her trumpet, in her tent painting, or out on the golf course. Kalie is currently studying anthropology and public health at Brigham Young University with medical school in the future.

Applying to Teton Whitewater is easy. We offer a variety of positions from working as a guide, to working in our office, or as a driver etc. All you have to do is send an email to Use the email to tell us about yourself (kind of like a cover letter) and then just be sure to attach your resume along with any character references. We start accepting applications in December, then by February or March (at the latest) we usually have all of our positions filled. We do most of our training and certifications in house, but the more experience and certs you have the better! Good luck!

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