A man holds a smoking log while wearing fireproof gloves

Give’r, a Jackson Hole-based outdoor clothing and gear brand, promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure. They aim to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, the confidence to take the road less traveled, and the desire to share the wonders of life with others.

We asked Give’r to share its top six picks for whitewater rafting essentials. They put together a sweet list, but before we dive in, first let’s cover the meaning of Give’r!

Definition of Give’r: To give it your all, go for it! Part of Speech: Verb (75% usage), Adjective (20% usage), Other (5% Usage) Pronunciation: With some extra emphasis on the “g”, it is said like “giver”, but a little quicker, and with a healthy amount of gusto.

Now onto rafting essentials for your Jackson Hole whitewater rafting trip …

1. Woody Wayfarer Custom-Branded Polarized Sunglasses!
3 pairs of sunglasses are resting on a rock in the desert

Described by customers as ….

The Best Damn Shades Period A Catch! Fricken Sweet

These bad boys are polarized, feature spring joints, and come with the option of custom-branded initials on the arms.​

A photo of green and blue bracelets
​​​​​2. Give’r Croakies​​​​​​​

Don’t risk your Woody Wayfarers to the waves of Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter. The Give’r Croakies will keep your shades secure and stylin’.

A man in a backwards hat stares out at the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole
​​​​3. Wyoming Trout Trucker Hat​​

The patch on this trucker, reminiscent of the Wyoming flag and featuring a sectioned trout, shares a subtle love for Wyoming and the fish that inhabit her waters. The combination of clean, vibrant colors and mesh back breathability, allows for wear both on and off the river, and anywhere in between!

Two people cheer beers while floating on the Snake River
​​​​​4. Give’r River Runner Neck Coozie

“Hands-Free” just got a lot cooler with the Give’r River Runner Neck Coozie. This innovative take on a coozie is made for those activities requiring the use of your hands: whether paddling down a river or describing the size of a wave while recounting the story to your buddies afterward.

​​5. BambooView Shirt

This long-sleeve shirt is literally a work of art. Featuring a graphite sketch of an iconic Teton view and printed on a blend of viscose bamboo and organic cotton, the BambooView Shirt is the ultimate in comfort, performance and one-of-a-kind wear.

A long white-sleeve t-shirt that says, "Giver"
A man rafts on the snake river with the Grand Tetons in the background
6. Lightweight All Sport​​​​

​The Lightweight All Sport performance shirt was created for those who Give’r no matter the season, sport or activity. The crisp, clean and comfortable design allows for use when working out or going out. It keeps back the hot rays of summer and cold sting of winter, and reminds you to give it your all!​

BONUS: Give’r Gloves!

While not exactly whitewater rafting material, we do want to mention the gear Give’r is best known for … its line of gloves! Whether you spring for its Lightweight EDC Gloves or its highly engineered 4-Season Gloves, you won’t be disappointed! And … all Give’r gloves come with the option of hand-branded initials, so they don’t “accidentally” end up in your friends gear stash!

A man holds a smoking log with his hand while wearing a fireproof glove

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