An up-close photo of the Grand Tetons during a sunny day

Hiking the Grand Tetons can be a fun and exhilarating experience. The Grand Teton National Park is located in northwest Wyoming and encompassed by rivers and the Teton mountain range. This makes it the perfect place for hiking, fishing, camping, and of course Jackson Hole whitewater rafting.

If you’re in the area for a day, week, or even a month, it’s highly recommended that you check out some of the top hiking trails. Wyoming is such a gorgeous state filled with blue skies, green trees, and wildlife at every turn. It would be a shame to stop through without checking out what it’s known for – the scenery.

In this blog, you’ll find the top five hiking trails in the Grand Tetons. We also expand on what makes each of these trails unique and worth the trek.

Hiking the Grand Tetons

1. Cascade Canyon (10 miles round trip, moderate)

On this trail you will see waterfalls, ponds, peaks, and cliffs. It’s definitely a gorgeous route and worth the 10 mile trek. Plus there is plenty of moose and other wildlife sightings along the way. On this hike, you will also have great views of the Teton Range and conifer forest. You may even run into some huckleberry patches, so be on the alert for bears.

2. Leigh Lake (3.7 miles round trip, easy)

This leisurely hike will take you around String and Leigh Lake, which is the third largest lake found in the Tetons. You’ll get great views of the mountains above the lakes, as well as Mt. Moran, which is the fourth highest mountain that’s located in the Grand Teton National Park.

3. Garnet Canyon (8.4 round trip, strenuous)

If you’re looking for a jaw dropping view, then Garnet Canyon is the right trail for you. This hike will take you through beautiful meadows and rock slides with stunning views of the Tetons and Jackson Hole. Be sure to pack plenty of water and some food for this hike though, it’s definitely a little tougher than the rest.

4. Jenny Lake Trail (7.1 mile loop, moderate)

During the Jenny Lake Trail hike you will follow along the lake through mostly forested and flat land. There will be a few small hills, but it won’t be anything strenuous or exhausting. Jenny Lake is also a very popular place to pitch a tent during the warmer months, so don’t be surprised if you pass some campers.

5. Two Ocean Lakes (6.5 mile loop, moderate)

This gorgeous trail is located on the east side of Jackson Lake, Wyoming. It’s less crowded and known for having great wildlife including osprey, moose, coyotes, elk, and many bears. That’s why it’s so important to remember bear spray on this trail and you should try to avoid hiking solo.

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