A group rafts down a rapid on the Snake River in Jackson Hole

There are so many reasons that make rafting with kids such a great experience. Now that things are starting to warm up, it’s the perfect time to consider booking a rafting trip for kids and family. The benefits are endless and you’ll give your kids an experience they’ll never forget.

In this blog, we will discuss the top benefits of rafting with kids. Rafting can be a therapeutic and invigorating experience that every kid should get the chance to experience. Plus with all the advantages, we wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this blog you decide to give us a call and book your rafting trip.

Why Go Rafting with Kids?

Get Outdoors

When kids get the chance to explore and spend time outdoors they begin to gain a respect and appreciation for nature. A rafting trip is the perfect time to let your kids experience new wildlife, enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and mountain views, and most of all, spend some time away from their electronic devices.

Make Memories

It’s always nice when you can look back through old photos and reminisce on the fun times you had with your kids. That’s why you should try and make as many memories as you can with them. Rafting trips are extremely memorable experiences because they give your whole family a chance to bond and take time away from your busy lives.

Mental Benefits

There are so many mental health benefits when it comes to getting your adrenaline pumping on the open river. Rafting helps boost your brainpower, improve self esteem, reduce stress, release endorphins, and gives you a sense of bonding and companionship. That’s why it’s such a great idea to get your kids out on the water to experience the thrills of whitewater rafting as a team.

Physical Benefits

Rafting is a great cardio workout. It takes endurance and strength to paddle through the rapids. Not to mention it works all of your muscles, especially your arms, back, and shoulders. If you have smaller kids, don’t worry about overworking them. There are many rafting trips to choose from including some less strenuous ones. Plus rafting trips are made for groups of all shapes and sizes and the guides are there to make sure no one gets burnt out or exhausted.

Try Something New

The best way to gain an unforgettable experience is to try something new. If your kids have never been rafting then it’s the perfect opportunity to give them something that money can’t buy — a new experience. The best way to help your kids grow and thrive is to show them enjoyable, exciting, new ways to have fun and learn. A rafting trip will ensure your kids learn a lot while participating in something they’ve never done before.

Book Your Trip Today!

Teton Whitewater offers a variety of rafting trips for the whole family including classic, small boat, float tours, scenic trips, combos, and more. Our rafting trips are for children 6 years old and up. If you’re convinced that a rafting trip would be the perfect next adventure for your family then contact us today!

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